About Us

Started in 2008 Nu leaf brands is a dynamic organisation supplying fresh produce nationally. We specialise in fruit, this being both Climacteric and non-Climacteric fruit. Nu Leaf sources fresh produce for retail distribution, wholesaling, processing. Nu leaf brands secure direct supply programmes from our agricultural operations and suppliers, the majority of whom are Eurogap/Globalgap accredited. This is all in an effort to bring you, the consumer the best possible quality at the competitive price


Nu leaf brands have two strategically located distribution centres; Johannesburg and Cape Town. This enables us to pack and deliver any order that is required. We are able to service retailer(s) in Kwazulu Natal as we are trucking product down on a daily basis. We only require a 24hr lead time on any ordering coming out of Johannesburg and Cape town, 48hrs for Kwazulu Natal.

Our Mission

To Procure, ripen and deliver the best product to our retailers and wholesalers in a timely fashion.


"In today’s competitive society every customer, expects, in truth, demands excellence from every retailer, superior quality and affordability in every product or service, no matter where that product or service originates.

In the words of Sam Walton “There is only one boss. The customer and he can fire everybody from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else” Nu leaf brands board of directors have over forty years of invaluable experience in the fresh produce industry. With this experience comes a wealth of knowledge. Aligning yourself with Nuleaf Brands team will bring about a quantifiable and tangible change to the product that is moving through your retail store..."

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